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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Answer

Last time I wrote about my dilemma. Well, the problem has been solved. I decided not to get caught up in the front-running and stick to my guns. Today I proudly cast my Florida vote in the Republican primary for Mike Huckabee. He probably won't win. The polls indicate it will be a tight race between McCain and Romney. But I don't like either of those guys nearly as much as Huck. So in the end it's an easy choice to stick with the underdog. This fast-paced process is new and now is not the time to bail on a candidate who has done more with less than anyone else in the race on either side.

In a further display of my commitment, I saddled up with Chuck Norris and became a Team Huckabee Ranger. No, the Briscoe family budget sadly does not allow for a financial contribution at this time. But I do have one of those unlimited long-distance phone plans that I put to work for Mike Huckabee. Last week I was given a list of names and phone numbers of registered Republican voters in Brevard and Bay counties here in Florida. Over the weekend I called as many as I could and attempted to win them over.

Ironically, I did this once before. Back in the spring of 2000 prior to the Georgia primary I made calls for then longshot candidate John McCain. My how times have changed! Anyway it was fun to make the calls for Huckabee. I ended up leaving a lot of messages using the pro-life and 2nd amendment scripts as a guide for my words. But I was also able to speak to more than a few folks who seemed to appreciate that a real person was calling -- as opposed to all the recorded messages we've been getting from McCain, Romney, Jack Kemp, Bay Buchanan, Charlie Crist, etc. And then there were plenty of people who basically said (in the words of Bob Grant) "Get off my phone" and that was ok too!

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