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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This stuff is great

Political junkies -- enjoy this campaign season. It's been a wild ride and the ride ain't over yet. I'm amazed at how much drama has been packed into the past 6 weeks. I said it before and I'll repeat again: I don't think the powers-that-be will allow for such an unpredictable election cycle again in the future. So I'm making the most of this while we got it.

Today is one of those "note the date" times -- after tonight's 3 Chesapeake primary wins, Senator Barack Obama is officially the frontrunner. I've been predicting a Hillary Clinton presidency for years now. To me it seemed one of those inevitable things you hate but you know is coming no matter what. And somehow my gut still tells me Clinton finds a way to win, even if by dirty tricks and under the table deals. But, all that aside, there is no way Obama cannot be considered the Democratic frontrunner. It's his race to lose right now. And so far he's shown no signs that he will choke on the opportunity.

On the GOP side, even a Huckabee guy like me knows John McCain will be the nominee unless he dies, his health fails, or he experiences a devastating scandal. However, I don't understand the media's obsession with Mike Huckabee giving up. Why? Is there no worth in coming in second place? Is it so wrong to want to give primary voters a choice? I don't understand why any of these candidates drop out, unless they run out of money, of course. Believe me - we're going to have plenty of down time in the campaign this summer as we suffer from burnout after a front-loaded primary season. I hope Huckabee sticks around and makes some noise by winning Texas.

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