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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wayne Allyn Root

It's getting pretty close to being sealed that I will be voting for Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr. I've always liked the message voting for a 3rd party candidate sends. I was one of the few who voted for Pat Buchanan back in 2000. This year I just can't get over my distaste for McCain and, though I like Sarah Palin, I cannot forget she is not the one running for president.

But this is what really impresses me about the Barr ticket. I just learned Bob Barr's running mate for vice president is: Wayne Allyn Root.

I don't know if that name means anything to you, but it sure does to me. Not only is he from Mt Vernon, NY nearby my old hometown, not only is he the son of the of the founders of the famed New York State Conservative Party, but Wayne Allyn Root is one of the biggest Las Vegas football/sports handicappers who I have been listening to on radio and tv for years.

An actual Las Vegas gambler is running on a presidential ticket this year! And I don't mean McCain losing money at the craps table either. If something more defined the purpose of the Libertarian Party than to stick it to the federal government and prop up the values of the city of Las Vegas, I've yet to see better than this!

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