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Friday, October 3, 2008

The VP Debate: Analysis from the Right

I thought Sarah Palin did very well at the vice-presidential debate. After her convention speech and performance as governor of Alaska, the mainstream media fell for the trap that she was dumb. Therefore, expectations were low and she totally destroyed them. This kind of reminds me of the dynamic in the Bush-Gore debates.

Palin demonstrated a good balance of showing knowledge on the issues and putting forth her own background. In fairness, Joe Biden did fine too. He's a good speaker afterall. But last night Biden was doing the traditional veep thing - attacking his boss' opponent John McCain, and propping up his boss Barack Obama.

Governor Palin, on the other hand, seemed more about her and her ideas. That was a very pleasant surprise and reinforced in me just how sad it is that the bottom of the GOP ticket is so much stronger than the top.

As to a winner, there was no knockout so yet again the horse you liked coming in to the race is that one you are going to think won it afterward.

On the format, I thought Gwen Ifil did a horrible job. I did not see any indication of bias, but instead she was far too hands on both candidates. Ifil did not encourage any real back-and-forth and left untouched some of the biggest issues of the day. Barely anything was said about health care, nothing was said about abortion, and the economy was yet again relegated to just 1 or 2 generic questions.

I was pretty surprised that Biden didn't screw up Obama's name, ah God love him!!

Finally, as an undecided voter this debate did not help me in finding the will to vote for John McCain. But it does make me feel that win or lose this time - I sure hope Sarah Palin sticks around national politics in the future. Perhaps as indicted Senator Ted Stevens soon-to-be replacement?!?

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